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Energy Solutions


Lighting Product Lines

ABS Lighting

ABS Lighting Manufactures a Complete Line of Precision, Controlled Beam, HID Luminaires. A Division of BK Lighting

ALVA Lighting

Energy-Efficient Lighting

AV Poles & Lighting

Manufacturer of commercial & industrial grade poles, brackets and bases for the outdoor lighting industry

Acclaim Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions for the Entertainment and Architectural Markets

Active Safety

Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Path Marking products are durable, attractive products that are listed to UL standards and meet the requirements of all state/national building codes.

Advantage Environmental Lighting

Commercial and Industrial LED, Fluorescent and HID Lighting

Advent Lighting

Architectural Lighting Innovations - Specification Grade Architectural Pendants, Bowls and Sconces

Altman Lighting

Theatrical, Architectural, Film and Video Lighting


Diverse product scope of motors, blowers, EMI filters, and photo electric controls


Architectural Interior/Exterior Fixtures


Architectural Accent Lighting Systems

Applied Electronics

Theatrical Controls

Architectural Cathode

Architectural Cathode Lighting - Cold Cathode Lighting

Arcus Light

Specializes in improvement, design, development and manufacturing of high performance hazardous location and explosion proof LED fixtures for industrial, hazardous, and marine industry


High-Powered LED Lighting Products and Smart Controls for Industrial and Outdoor Applications


Advanced control platforms to create smart buildings that manage, monitor and reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings

Axis Lighting

Architectural Linear and Recessed Lighting

B-K Lighting

Landscape Lighting


Smart Strip Power Cords


World leader of stretched ceiling systems


Contractor Friendly Lighting Products for Both the Industrial and Commercial Markets.

CGF Design Inc

Manufacturing company specializing in the design and production of commercial, industrial and decorative architectural lighting fixtures

CMT Poles

Part of Valmont Composite Structures, Inc. CMT offers time-proven products, crafted with a uniquie, centrifugally cast manufacturing process.

CRW Lighting

Decorative Architectural Lighting

Canto USA

Triac dimmable LED retrofits for high wattage incandescent and quartz downlights and theatrical follow-spots


Emergency Lighting units, Exit Signs, Central Inverter Systems and Lighting Controls

Cireon Lighting

USA Manufacturer of LED Products including Low and High Bays, Troffers, Outdoor and Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Cole Lighting

Dark Room Lights, Step Lights, Floor Boxes, Lighted Handrails, Plugging Boxes, Church Lighting


Colorful Architectural Illumination Bringing Entertainment Color Changing Technology to Architecturally Pleasing Fixture Designs.

Cree LED

Leading Manufacture of Energy-Efficient, Environmentally friendly LED Lighting


High Quality Handmade Decorative Lighting Fixtures, Chandeliers and Lanterns for Historic restorations, Houses of Worship, etc.

Cypress Lighting Technologies

Solid State Lighting products for both commercial and residential lighting applications

D'ac Lighting

Interior and Exterior Decorative & Accent Luminaires

DALS Lighting

Architectural lighting products

DECO Lighting

Innovative, environmentally-friendly, top quality lighting fixtures and related products to the U.S. and worldwide commercial, institutional and utility markets


Dabmar is a manufacturer of high quality fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial use


Smart building control, sensing and Enterprise Internet of Things


Commercial interior, exterior, lamps including turtle friendly approved lamps


Indoor architectural linear, recessed and surface mount lighting products

Delray Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Recessed & Pendant Lighting, Retrofit Conversion Systems

Delta Light

Unique European Lighting

Designplan, Inc

Innovative LED, HID, Halogen and Fluorescent Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor


LED Industrial, Infrastructure, Hazardous Location, Transporation, Obstruction and Architectural Solutions

Douglas Lighting Controls

Douglas Lighting Controls offers complete centralized and stand-alone systems including controllers, relay panels, sensors, and switch stations for commercial, educational and sports facilities.

Dyson Lighting

The powerful light you need, precisely where you need it

EL Torrent

Decorative shades and fixtures

EOS Light

Leading integrator of LED lighting solutions for Commercial, Retail, Municipality and Luxury Residence Applications

Eagle High Mast Lighting

High Mast Devices


IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for smart cities and enterprises through connected outdoor lighting systems including roadway, campus, area, garages, and high bay

Edison Price

Downlighting & Track

Efficient-Tec International

LED Lighting Fixtures

Elan Lighting

We create modern sculptures that define a room and your style, while bringing that all-important light to a space

Elation Lighting

Professional Lighting & Entertainment Products and Accessories

Elco Lighting

Commercial and Residential Down Lighting and Track

Electronic Theatre Controls

Lighting and rigging technology for entertainment and architectural applications

Element Lighting

Recessed Downlights, LED, Wall Wash, Architectural Lighting | ELEMENT Lighting

Elite LED Lighting

Privately owned company with 18 years and 3 generations of experience. Elite can complete an entire project with its wide product selection and innovative technologies.

Ember LED

Energy Efficient LED and Solar Lighting technologies including Street, Pathway, Site, Landscape, Flood, Area, Wall, Canopy lighting


A wide range of fluorescent and LED emergency batter packs/ballasts, exits signs/emergency lighting and inverter systems


A leading provider of high performance emergency lighting life safety equipment

Engineered Lighting Products

Quality Interior & Exterior Lighting

Envoy Lighting

Competitive Commercial & Industrial, indoor & outdoor, LED, Fluorescent and HID


Architectural indoor


Life Safety Products including Emergency Lighting Products, Central Power Systems, LED and Self Luminous Signs, Custom Graphic Signs

Excelsior Lighting

Designs and manufactures 'specification grade' luminairs and mountings for professional landscape lighting industry


Full Line of Exit and Emergency Lighting Safety Products

Firefly Lighting

Creative Decorative Solutions Including Sconces, Pendants, and Chandeliers

Flex Lighting

Engineered to meet most commercial and industrial lighting requirements while helping reduce energy bills and facility maintenance costs

Fluxwerx Lighting

LED lighting technology, with a distinctive product offering and breakthrough proprietary anidolic optics technology that offers substantial energy savings, lighting quality, and remarkable lifetime

Fulham Lighting

Intelligent lighting components

GE Lamps and Ballast

Commercial and Industrial Lighting

GE Lighting Solutions

LED Architectural, LED and HID Floods, Area, Roadway, Industrial Lighting including HID and Fluorescent Highbays, Sports Lighting


American made indoor, modern lines, linear fixtures


Gentec designs & manufactures long-lasting and reliable solutions and customized products in the state-of-the-art electronics, power and energy management sectors


Architectural Recessed Down Lighting


ENERGY STAR, DLC and CEC certified indoor retrofit and new construction lighting solutions server the Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Office and Education industries.


Solar lighting solution that meets the standard lighting requirements for streets, roadways, freeways.....

Halco Lighting Technologies

Lighting Solutions Including Energy Efficient Lamps, Ballasts and Lighting Fixtures


Lighting Solutions Including Energy Efficient Lamps, Ballasts and Lighting Fixtures


Straight square round str. and round tapered steel, decorative aluminium poles

Hess America

Specification Grade Downlighting & Track Products

Hevi Lite

Architectural, Landscape and Custom Lighting

Howard Lighting

Indoor and Outdoor Fluorescent, HID and LED Lighting, Exit/Emergency Lighting, Electronic and Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts Magnetic HID Fluorescent, HID and LED Lamps


Exquisite Contemporary Pendants and Wall Sconces


Premium Sensor Manufacturer

Icon International

For more than 60 years, ICON international Inc. has delivered unique, high-quality architectural lighting solutions that enable our customers to succeed

Ilight Technologies

Innovative LED illumination solutions that transform, excite, and energize corporate identities and architectural environments worldwide

Illumacorp Lighting

Commercial and residential light fixtures for hallways, landscaping, signage and any area where light is needed. Turtle-friendly options


Industry-leading manufacturer of precision LEDs and LED luminaries

Iluminarc Lighting

Architectural lighting solutions for interior/exterior architectural spaces. Featuring RGB, RGBW and variable white LED-fitted lights

Image Arch Lighting

Residential, Commercial and Architectural Down Lighting

Intense Lighting

Architectural, Commercial & Residential Lighting

Intrigue Lighting

Architectural Pedestrian-Scale, Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Ivalo Lighting

Linear Indirect, Pendants & Sconces

J&J Electronics, LLC

J&J manufactures Fixtures in white and color changing LED for use in cove lighting, wall washing, wall grazing and under water fountain applications.


Church, Decorative, and Custom Decorative Lighting

King - Lighting

Period Style Site Lighting


Surface, Recessed, Pendant all Aluminum Downlighting, Medical Lighting

Klus Design

Low profile LED Lighting products including Tape Light

Kuzco Lighting

Decorative wall, ceiling, vanity, and pendant lighting

L.C. Doane

Engineering and manufacturing quality heavy-duty fixtures

LBL Lighting

Offers captivating style and exciting interpretations of decorative fixtures which enhance and define today's contemporary and modern decor in residential and commercial settings


Lighting for Hazardous Locations, Industrial and Commercial Applications

LG Lighting

Troffers, highbays and downlights-Zigbee enabled


LED Light Bulbs


A custom lamp, lampshade, and custom fixture manufacturing company


LED Lighting Technology

Light Tape

Thin electroluminescent lamp tape


Has a unique, handmade lighting solution to meet your needs


Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Emergency Lighting Systems from Exit Signs to Inverter Systems

Lighting Services Inc.

Museum Grade Theatrical Track & Light Systems

Lighting and Lowering Systems

Lighting and Lowering Devices for Pole Mount, Motorized Lowering Systems, Manual Winches for Indoor and Wall Mount Applications and Lowering Devices for Obstruction Lights


High Quality, High Performing Affordable Daylighting Systems and Solar Control Products


Residential, Commercial, etc.


Energy Efficient Decorative Commercial/Residential Fluorescent Lighting

Linmore LED

Manufacturers of high efficacy, high performance LED lighting solutions made in America


A full spectrum of residential and commercial solutions. With 650 distinct product line, solutions for the homeowner, contractor, designer, electrician, architect and distributor

Lonestar Prestress

Concrete Poles

Louis Poulsen

European Interior & Exterior Lighting

Louvers International

lens, louvers and fixtures LED

Lum-Tech Lighting

led, fluorescent downlighting

Luma Vue

LED panels, signage


InGrade Fixtures


US Manufacturer of LED Wallpacks, Flood Lights, Canopies and Post-Top Ornamental Fixtures


Lumenalpha Downlights


LumenArea LumenBeam


Light commercial and residential indoor and outdoor LED fluorescent and halogen, multi-family dwellings


LED Lighting Systems

Luminaire LED

Vandal Resistant Fixtures Including LED and Other Popular Lamp Solutions. Luminaire VR Fixtures Feature a Lifetime Warranty


Specialty, interior and exterior fixtures; industrial and commercial

Luminoso LED Lighting

Focusing on UL and ETL certified products we strive to offer our clients the highest quality LED products on the market.


Lumithree is a highend decorative lighting solutions manufacturer

Lumux Lighting

Indoor/Outdoor lighting "Euro Style"

Lunera Lighting

Leading the transformation of traditional lighting to digital LED technology

Luraline Lighting

LED lighting solutions with premium drivers, multiple mounting options, colors and finishes


Energy-Saving Lighting Controls and Control Systems for both Residential and Commercial Applications. Light Dimmers, Dimming Systems, Controllable Window Treatments

Lyte Poles Inc.

The ideal steel and aluminum light pole solutions for everything from commercial, residential, roadway, and sports lighting to electric charging stations, solar and ornamental designs.

MKS Advanced LED

Energy efficient, high end fixtures, utilizing the latest in advanced LED technology


Hotel Lighting

Magnaray International

Exterior Lighting Products

Manning Lighting

Products for Commercial and Institutional architectural solutions and Extensive Line of Traditional and Contemporary Lighting for Houses of Worship


Decorative and Custom Light Fixture for Commercial and Hospitality

Marlin Controls

Architectural dimming systems


Sports, high mast, area and roadway poles and lighting fixtures


Church and Architectural Decorative Lighting

McFadden Lighting Custom

Custom Lighting and Historical Restoration lighting Solutions

Mercury Lighting

Industrial, Commercial, Architectural and Recessed lighting


led fluorescent industrial/commercial


Specification LED Lighting. Extensive Collection of Modern and Unique LED Fixtures

Mule Lighting

Exit and Emergency Lighting


Airport Lighting


Quality, energy efficient LED outdoor lighting

NLS Lighting

Tennis/Sports and Automotive lighting

National Lighting

linear indirect, direct

Neptun Light

LED, Induction and Compact Fluorescent Products Designed for Residential, Commercial, Outdoor and Other Infrastructure Lighting Applications

New Star Lighting

Lighting for Demanding Applications including VR Architectural, Cleanroom, Healthcare, High Abuse, and Confinement Areas


Designs and manufactures high-reliability low-voltage lighting controls systems for the commercial building market.

Nexxus Commercial Lighting

State of the art LED products, Fiber Optic Products, Highest Efficacy Array LED Lamps

Niland Co

decorative outdoor fixtures and poles

Nora Lighting

Commercial and Residential Downlighting, Track Lighting, LED Products


Home-LED indoor luminaires for industry, retail and office

North Star Lighting

Industrial and Outdoor Lighting Solutions; Tunnel and Bridge Lighting

OCL Architectural Lighting

Architectural Decorative Pendants, Sconces, Ceiling, Outdoor, Pedestal and Custom Lighting

Optec LED Lighting

Exterior LED products including Electronic Message centers and full-color and grayscale video displays


Linear LED Lighting


Lighting Retrofit Solutions with an energy savings guarantee.


LMS, Lighting Controls, wireless lighting controls, Polaris 3D, Digital lighting systems

PG Lifelink

Manufacturer of Isolated Power Systems, typically installed in operating rooms and other NFPA 99 defined "Wet Procedure Locations" to protect from electric shock

PLP Composite Technologies

Fiberglass Poles


Architectural and commercial LED downlights, cylinders, decorative high bays and emergency lighting.

Pemco Lighting Products

Pemco Lighting is a manufacturer of Vintage, Traditional, Contemporary & Custom lighting fixtures and poles for outdoor use, all made in Amercia

Performance in Lighting

Specializing in exterior rated lighting products,features European designed, US made fixtures that convey a clean, contemporary aesthetic with aggressive price points, fast lead times

Phoenix Lighting

Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Docklight, LED, Floodlight, Area, Linear, Hazardous, Explosion proof


flag pole lighting


PowerSecureLighting (a division of PowerSecure International) Recessed, recessed multiples, LED track fixtures and LED lamps.

Precision Architectural Lighting

A premier manufacturer of high-quality linear fluorescent lighting fixtures


Commercial lighting solutions, including RLM shades, globes, wall brackets, bollards, patio, deck and garden

Pro Sports Lighting

Creating the perfect lighting system to match your exact needs

Prolite LED Lighting

Budget minded indoor and outdoor LED fixtures

Prudential Lighting

Specification Grade LED Direct & Indirect


Specification grade cylinders, down lights and rack lighting


Develop, manufacture and sell architectural and functional luminaires to cites, municipalities and real estate developers throughout North America

RP Lighting - Fans

Ceiling fans (designer and contractor styles), recessed lighting, track lighting, exit signs and emergency lighting, ground fault circuit interrupters, fluorescent lighting, and under-cabinet lighting

Rambusch Lighting

Lighting for Churches and Large Spaces

Rayon Lighting Group

Energy efficient lighting fixtures to meet everyday demands in commercial, industrial and residential markets.

Regency Fans

Complete Line of Ceiling Fans


European Style - efficiency, effectiveness, beauty, product longevity, and the ability to create a bond with architectural spaces.

Roberts Step-Lite Systems

Interior and Exterior Step Lighting

Ryther Purdy

Decorative Wood Poles

SELF Electronics

A leader in innovation, design, and production for refrigerated display, shelving and general lighting for retail environment: super markets, grocery stores, convenient stores and drug stores, etc.


Performance Lighting Systems - Decorative Indirect Lighting; Pendants, Bowls, Sconces


A comprehensive LED selection from our Dallas facility, we're uniquely capable of getting you the lighting you need from a team you can trust


member of the Nordeon Group

Sea Gull Lighting

Decorative and functional lighting, Ceiling Fans


Architectural Interior & Exterior lighting

Sengled USA

Integrates consumer electronics with energy-saving LED lighting, creating products that reduce clutter and expand smart home capabilities to every room

Sentry Electric

Outdoor luminaires, cast iron & cast aluminum poles, pier mount bases, cast iron & cast aluminum bollard, brackets & cross arms

Sigma Luminous

Color tuning and retro-fit LED

Signtex Emergency Lighting

Manufacturer of architectural quality emergency lighting systems.


Fluorescent, Exit and Emergency, HID, Induction, LED, and Vandal Resistant Lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Residential


Leader in the development and application of LEDs, serving many commercial, industrial and high-tech industries


Industrial, Commercial and Decorative energy saving LED fixtures


A leading manufacturer of LED products because of its proprietary technologies making the performance and aesthetics better than the competition

Solavanti Lighting

Contemporary Lighting Products


Versatile line of outdoor fixtures

Soltech Lighting

Premium lighting company that utilizes solar

SpecGrade LED

High performance exterior LED floods, spots, ballfield. White and RGB. High performance LED Highbays

Specialty LED

Commercial and Decorative LED Indoor and Outdoor Products Including Flexible and Rigid Border Tubes, Rope and Ribbon Lighting, Light Boxes and Channel Letter Modules

Specialty Lighting Industries

Architectural Downlights and Linear products


Architectural Lighting Products for commercial and residential applications including cove, linear and downlights


Low voltage lighting controls

Sternberg Lighting

Traditional Vintage Street Lamps and Poles


Linear Lighting Solutions

Strand Lighting

Wide Range of Luminaires, Dimming Equipment, Control Systems and Software for Theatre, Television, Film and Architectural Applications

StressCrete - Lighting

Spun Concrete Poles and Bollards


Modern Light Poles, Bollards and Urban Furniture

Sun Valley Lighting

Decorative Exterior Lighting

Sunbelt Transformer

Sunbelt offers a complete line of transformers, components, switchgear and power products


Bulbs, Fixtures and Accessories

Sunset Designs

Custom Lighting

Tanko Lighting

Induction Technologies for Outdoor Lighting and Street Lighting Applications


Specification Grade Downlighting, Specialty Lighting

Tech Lighting

Low Voltage Monorail & Cable Lighting Systems, Pendants and Wall Sconces

Teddico - Lighting

Electrical fittings, weatherproof products and exterior lighting products

Teka Illumination

Roadway & Area Luminaires, Low Voltage Landscape

Teron Lighting

Value-Engineered Alternative Solutions to High-end Specification Commercial Lighting

Texas Lightsmith

Custom commercial and residential lighting

Thorn Lighting

Architectural Interior & Exterior fixtures


Decorative Low Voltage Track Systems

Times Square Lighting

High-end Track Systems, Framing Projectors, Theatrical Pin-Spots, Theatrical Lighting, Mirrored Balls, & Motorized Lighting


Architectural LED Lighting Innovations, Tube, Cove, Strand, Panel Lighting


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Products with LED, Induction, Fluorescent and HID Lamps

Truly Green Solutions

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions, including HID retrofit lamps, tubes, high bay, high mast, flood light, and panel fixtures

US Architectural

Decorative Exterior Lighting

US Lanterns Lighting

Handcrafted Lantern Lighting

USAI Lighting

Sophisticated Architectural Lighting Fixtures including LED, Compact Fluorescent, Metal Halide and Low Voltage Halogen


Supports a growing list of serves that include advanced lighting controls, public WiFI, and the connection to 3rd party sensors including air quality monitors and surveillance cameras

Utility Metals

Outdoor Lighting Products

Utopia Lighting

Various types of Fluorescent, Decorative, Outdoor, HID, Exit Sign and Emergency lighting fixtures

Valen Energy

Off Grid Solar Technology

Valmont Structures

Engineered infrastructure for the lighting, transportation and wireless communications industries worldwide


Advanced optics, superior mechanics and unparalleled color mixing

Venture Lighting

Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamp and Ballast Systems


Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamp and Ballast Systems


Architectural Floor, Table, Pendants, Ceiling, Wall, Bath and Outdoor Fixtures


Traffic signal poles and cast iron street and campus ligthing

Vision Engineering

Knowledge and capabilities to design, develop and deliver unique and exceptional lighting products

Vista Pro

Architectural and landscape lighting

Vive by Lutron

Simple and scalable lighting control, a revolutionary, modular wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial building


Member of the Nordeon Group

Williams Inc.

Complete Line of LED Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Wilmette Lighting

Monorail, Freejack, Ceiling/Suspension and Wall fixtures with an authentic period lighting look


From Natural fibre ropes for for the agriculture up to wire ropes to handle heavy loads

XAL Lighting

Luminaires and lighting systems for retail, office, hotel and residential spaces


Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions including LED, High Bay, Channel/Strip, Surface Mount, Wraps, Recessed, Speciality, Emergency Exits

id metalco

Street furniture for luxury cities