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Energy Solutions

LED Lighting Analysis & Design

You’re busy – we understand it. At the end of a free, no-obligation assessment, we will sit down with your team and share our plans for making the best lighting improvements. We use modern software and our years of experience to consider how wide or narrow light should be focused to: showcase the appearance of a product you’re selling; improve productivity in a factory work area; enhance the ambience of your restaurant.

Energy & Cost Savings Analysis

There are no money secrets! Our detailed reports show you how much energy and money you’ll save over time and how long it will take to get a return on your investment – with LED technology it doesn’t take long.

Engineered Retrofit Recommendations

If it was as simple as switching a light bulb, everyone would do it. Since it’s not as simple as taking one bulb out and putting another one in, we spend a lot of time choosing the appropriate replacements for existing fixtures. We use high-quality lighting products to replace your current system and provide products that are Energy Star® performance and DCL safety certified. Many of our bulbs have guaranteed life spans of 10+ years.

LED Retrofit Financing

Keep your money in the bank. CS Energy Solutions offers zero-down project financing to make it easier to make the change. Normally the savings realized through our retrofits are greater than the monthly financing payments, which, leaves your cash flow positive from day one.

Rebate & Incentive Analysis

You can recover your costs quickly and we’ll help you do it! CS Energy Solutions can find you financial subsidies and we’ll even complete the paperwork for you too. These subsidies from governments and private organizations can save you up to 75% of your total light replacement bill dramatically reducing the cost of your initial investment.

LED Lighting Installation & Warranty

No disruption, no downtime. CS Energy Solutions can work around the clock to install when it’s appropriate for your business and when the necessary safety requirements can be met. Our installation services are offered at very affordable rates determined by the complexity and timing of the install.

The Bottom Line

We are lighting experts. We are backed by 68 years of experience and knowledge. There is no better group to trust with your energy efficient lighting solutions than CS Energy. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation audit.