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Dramatic Space is seldom static. Designing in dramatic space is much more a consideration of the relationship between what was and what will be, than it is a question of what is. Change itself must be examined for its symbolic value. It becomes the most, subtle and challenging of all the variables in the design of lighting. In art, no variable can be left to chance: control is the key to success in managing space and time.

At Curtis H. Stout, Inc. we consider all variables in our design work. Whether the need is as simple as dimming the house lights or a full entertainment system, we balance the need and the budget to give you a quality product for your space. Because you are likely to grow, we design for your growth as well. We ask the right questions that combine the technical, aesthetic and personal use aspects of your space.

Let Curtis Stout set the stage for your production.

Today, modern theatrical design uses the latest in lighting, curtain layout, and production to provide the ultimate stage experience. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to offer the client a theatrical presentation that is second to none.

The design process lays the foundation for the theatrical production. When beginning the process, it's essential to evaluate the needs based upon budget. Curtis Stout is able to assist in that process and design the perfect solution.

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  • Detailed Drawings
  • Detailed Diagrams
  • Lighting Design
  • Curtain Layout
  • Production System Specification
  • Blue Sky Pre-Design Process with Customer
  • On-Site Guidance
  • Post-Installation Verification