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Energy Solutions


Locations: Little Rock, AR

Curtis Stout
Home Office

2400 Cantrell Road, Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72202

Phone: 501.372.2555
Fax: 501.375.4453



Electrical Products

Mark Elmore, Director of Electrical
Product Sales

Pat Davidson, Sales/Cust. Svc.

Eric Nolen, Customer Service

Doug Schreiber. Technical Services


Bruce Saad
Sales Support Specialist
Mobile: 501-765-0487

Suzanne Kerns
Sales Support Specialist
Office: 501-726-9622

Lighting Products

Ron Smith,
Outside Sales/President

Becky Major, Excutive Assistant

Jarod Thompson, Outside Sales

Andy McMahan, Outside Sales

Fred Rowlan, Outside Sales

Jay Arbuckle, Outside Sales

Jeff Gray, Outside Sales

Duncan Lang, Outside Sales

Nicol Pastran, Outside Sales

Gene Gephardt, Theatrical Ltg. 

Doug Schreiber, Technical Services 

Linda Jo Phillips, Quotations

Jon Boren, Quotations

Heather Johnson, Quotations Assistant

Michael Johnson, Customer Service Manager

John Hodkin, Customer Service

Justin Kellar, Customer Service

Kathy Clift, Customer Service


Utility Products

Emmett Guillory,

Energy Solutions

Mindy Henson, Division Administration

John Riddle, Account Manager/EPact

Bobby Shumate, Account Manager/Auditor

Steve Monroe, Automotive Specialist/
Account Manager/Auditor

Josh Daves, Account Manager/PM

Joe Ellis, Account Manager/Auditor

A/V Products

Mark Chard, Division Manager

Susan Herring, Operations Manager

Dustin Raburn, Engineering

Alan Wells, Engineering

Wesley Hopper, Systems Programming

John Ford, Project Manager

Doug Hendricks, Project Manager

Kevin Lipsmeyer, Systems Integrator

Clayton Ford, Systems Integrator

Shaun Bunch, Systems Integrator

Kevin Pearrow, Sytems Integrator

Morgan Garay, Systems Intergrator

Chuck Dolan, Sales 

Todd Bower, Sales